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Educational Design Project for Inverter-based Power Systems

This page contains supplementary information for tutors and students on a design project on droop-controlled inverters as described in the following paper:

J. C. -H. Peng, G. P. Raman, J. L. Soon and N. D. Hatziargyriou, "Droop-Controlled Inverters as Educational Control Design Project," in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, doi: 10.1109/TPWRS.2021.3106005.

Lecture File

The design project requires fundamental understanding in inverter operation and stability analysis. Relevant technical concepts and numerical validation methods are taught over 2 three-hour lectures at the National University of Singapore, as part of the graduate module EE5702—Advanced Power System Analysis. The lecture slides used in Fall 2020 have been partitioned into two PDF files and can be accessed below.

Educational Microgrid Design File

The microgrid has been designed to a maximum power rating of 3-kW. The system has been over designed due to safety considerations, and instructors can select the desired operating ratings based on their laboratory setup. Within the 'Educational Microgrid' zip file, there are 4 separate folders:

1 - Gate_Driver_PCB:

  • PCB design file of the gate driver circuit.

2 - Inverter_PCB:

  • PCB design file of the three-phase inverter circuit.

3 - Terminal_Link_PCB:

  • PCB design file of the terminal link circuit.

4 - Image_Gallery:

  • 3D images of all PCB boards and the completed inverters.

5 - Gerber_Manufacturing_Files:

  • Open ASCII vector format of all PCB designs.

Models and ratings of electronic components are listed within PCB design files. The total construction cost is around USD 1,000. 


Fig. Constructed educational microgrid consisting of 3 three-phase inverters.The blue board on the right hand side is the I/O interface circuit between the inverters and the microcontrollers.

DSP File


Each three-phase inverter is controlled by a TI-F28335 DSP. Its codes (written in C language) can be accessed by clicking the download link below. These codes provide the basic inverter operating functions, and the user can edit the various controller gains and time constants at their discretion. 

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